Adam Hanga #9 for FC BARCA LASSA photo: Marcel Veldman

Adam Hanga #9 for FC BARCA LASSA photo: Marcel Veldman

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We follow the NBA for the weirdos and not the heroes...  And yes, sometimes we like the heroes, but only if they're weirdos. Ninth Seed is a podcast about the NBA, overseas basketbol, and things that have nothing to do with basketball at all.  

If your favorite NBA squad is typically found in the ninth place spot within their conference, odds are that they’re one of three types of teams:

1.    A good team that has fallen out of contention.

2.    A bad team that is hopefully improving.

3.    A team that is consistently mediocre.

At the end of a regular season in the NBA, each conference has a ninth place team that just missed the playoffs. We use the term "Ninth Seed" as a metaphor for where the true fan lives. Is your team’s glass half empty or half full? At Ninth Seed, we follow the entire league because we’re realists and understand that your beloved franchise is most likely mediocre. After all, it’s lonely at the top. We prefer a more social locale.

Fans of mediocre teams long for that elusive form of draft luck where an obscure overseas player selected 15th overall helps turn the whole franchise around, like Giannis Antetokounmpo.  We do watch March Madness but only to strengthen our draft knowledge. As most of us did not attend a Division 1 college, we have a hard time investing emotionally into the NCAA. Honestly, we’re more of an outcast vibe who prefer listening to music and partaking in athletic hobbies we just can't bring ourselves to call "sports".



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