Episode 1: specifics on the general idea

Welcome to our first episode of Ninth Seed!

Here is our fact checking section in all its glory. It will be direct and at times tangential. 


Here's the post game interview clip from Coach Mike Malone of the Denver Nuggets.  The Portland Trailblazers edged out the Denver Nuggets for the last spot in the 2017 NBA playoffs.  The argument can be made that Jusuf Nurkić's, monster game against his former team is what eliminated Denver from the playoffs, but at the same time clearing playing time for Nikola Jokic is what really propelled Denver into playoff contention.  So the argument might be neutralized by these two points.   I promise you I am not bringing up European players just for the sake of doing it.  These two players played very key roles in their teams success.  I've also included the highlights of Portland's late season win over Denver, ie "nail in the coffin"



The Miami Heat had hoped to create a long lasting dynasty when they formed the big 3 of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. They had planned on winning  not 1 but 2..3..4..5..6..7.... championships . (3:36 in the video) The basketball gods had other plans for them.  LeBron returned to Cleveland, Chris Bosh developed blood clots that tragically forced him into retirement the year after LeBron left, and Dwyane Wade gave it one more year before heading home to Chicago for a season, and then this year reunited with LeBron on the Cavs.  All that said the 2015/16 Heat was pretty clunky and weird.  The 2016/17 team benefitted from the emergence of Hassan Whiteside, the next level play of Dion Waiters, and the steady hand of Goran Dragic. The team was strong and promising. Their path back to title contention is still murky at best, but a 7th or 8th seed spot this season is not out of the question.  Here is the post game interview from Erik Spoelstra just after he learned they'd been eliminated from the 2017 playoffs, and then some highlights from their season. Yes the video includes Dion Waiters mean muggin after he hit the game winner against the Warriors.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 1.29.15 PM.png


Here is that cocktail party I spoke of .  I assume it was filmed in or near Barcelona, because that is where the Euro League office is located.  The name of the campaign and song is GAME ON! Turkish Airlines EuroLeague 2017/18 promotional video.  We'd like to think that it is intentionally bad, but maybe something got lost in cultural translation. (Lip my stockings!)

And if you're still left wanting more here's a link to the behind the scenes footage.  

Here is a list of the players featured in the video. The link on their name is to their Wikipedia page where you can see their Basketball CV (what they call a resume in Europe) and the link over their team's name will take you directly to their website.

Sergio Rodriguez - Point Guard / CSKA Moscow

Edgaras Ulanovas - Small Forward / Žalgiris Kaunas

Norris Cole - Point Guard / Maccabi Tel Aviv

Vassilis Spanoulis - Combo Guard / Olympiacos

Luka Dončić - Shooting Guard / Real Madrid

Bryant Dunston - Center / Anadolu Efes

Adam Hanga - Shooting Guard / FC Barcelona

Andrew Goudelock - Shooting Guard / Olimpia Milano 

Jayson Granger - Combo Guard / Baskonia

Gigi Datome - Power Forward / Fenerbahçe

Chris Singleton - Center / Panathinaikos




There is a lot to Fran Vazquez shunning the Magic.  It's a longer discussion, but it may have cost the Orlando Magic an NBA title, and at the very least another trip to the finals.  But then again, what has Dwight Howard really accomplished since the LEGENDARY Stan Van Gundy  pepsi swigging news conference?



Giannis Antetokounmpo- The Greek Freak of the Milwaukee Bucks.  He was drafted #15 in the 2013 draft.  He wasn't even invited into the cool kids zone on the main floor, but now he's a legitimate MVP candidate.




And then there is this. Kristaps Porzingis says it all.  "For those people who don't know me they may think I'm a soft European that likes basketball, there's been busts before but I'm different...."



Luka Doncic is lighting it up for Real Madrid this season.  Will he decide to stay in Spain for another year, or would he rather be drafted by one of the worst teams in the NBA?  Which would you rather do?




And of course our tribute to Built to Spill.  Here is the original video for "Car" from the 1994 album "There's nothing wrong with love."  I did some research into some theories on the meaning of the song.  The one that made the most sense is pretty depressing.  It's that a boyfriend allows his girlfriend to take their only car, so that his girlfriend can go and see about another guy that she's been fantasizing about.  It falls in line with the Richard Bach quote. "If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were."  Except we get to hear the frustration regarding waiting out the results.  Next time you're in an argument with your significant other throw out the "WANT YOU TO DO ME WHAT TO SHOW!"  If they get the reference you're a cheeseball, but if they don't that might be the game winner.

Here's the full SXSW interview, and apparently Doug loves Kitties, but I would have dived into NBA nerd talk.  I've also included a quote regarding his love of hoops, and the Timberwolves gear comment in the episode may have been overstated.  I thought I'd seen more.  You see that's how one photo can start the fake news avalanche.  He was probably just being nice and agreed to take the picture.  Please forgive us Doug.



Episode 2: 1994 is up next

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