Episode 2: Pre-Internet / Post 3 Rings + Nirvana

Welcome to the second episode.  It’s predominantly about music. Our first episode was fairly basketball heavy so we wanted to mix things up a bit. Ninth Seed has simple purpose.  The first is to serve as an approachable gateway for those looking to get more into basketball, without having to go the conventional analytical sports route.  Basketball super fans can be well…. super pretentious. The second is to expose basketball super fans to peripheral culture via stories that are interesting yet unconventional.

Ninth Seed ven Diagram

The ratio of basketball to non-basketball topics will shift episode to episode.  But there will never be an episode that is strictly basketball or strictly non-basketball.  I’d say Episode 2 is about 80/20. Non-basketball / basketball.

You’ll notice that we use the term NBA more than basketball in this episode and in the post, we are using the term basketball.  That’s because we will be talking about professional basketball outside the NBA, at home in the US and abroad.

The Jordan or LeBron as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) debate will never have an answer, but my two cents is that Jordan modernized the league. He didn’t have an old man’s game. Being a young basketball fan during the Jordan era was contagious. Phil Jackson once said something to the effect that you could be in a far off place like Nepal and you’d see a guy wearing a Chicago Bulls hat.

True story my friends and I used to try and start mosh pits in 7th grade to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. At a Sadie Hawkins dance no less. I’m glad that I was of the age when I wasn’t surrounded by music snobs. There was something pure about the youths’ reaction to that song and album. This is a performance from MTV’s 120 Minutes. The Holy Grail of alternative music in the 90’s. Only problem is that it aired at midnight on Sundays for…. 120 minutes. Kinda hard if you had to be on your game for first period History class on Monday morning.

The concept of age and youth was a little different to me back in the day. Jordan had won 3 rings, and was also a year removed from the 1992 USA Olympic Dream Team. In my 14-year-old mind he was 32 ( I thought that was kinda old when I had an immature concept of age.) I was excited to see who was up next.

I had written KURT on the front of my AirWalk One skate shoes. I remember my mom asking me if I was OK and needed to talk about Cobain’s death. By no means were they my favorite band, but I guess that was my way of paying respect. Kinda like the current day instagram post.

The Glove and Reignman were straight up NASTY!!! I was hyped to see them tearing up the league post-Jordan, and I really hoped I’d get the chance to see the Payton / Kemp combo match up against the Shaq / Penny combo in the NBA finals. It was only a year off rhythm but the NBA was going from short shorts to long shorts, and the hip hop vibe was entering into the league.

However, the Supersonics couldn’t pull it off. The best record in the league, turned out to be a first round clown. Below Gary Payton talks to KG about that team.

Oasis was probably the exact opposite of what I thought they’d be. Whiney Brits that had a combative quality to them. I had no idea what a hooligan was nor much about Manchester, England.

I later learned that came from being avid Man City Football / Soccer fans. That’s where the fighting culture came from. I do remember when Man City had Brother printers as a sponsor and thought it was cool that they’d wear that jersey. Below is the clip that I use in the episode.

The Oasis: Supersonic Documentary is well worth a watch.


Here’s an interview with Tony Farmer in Juice Magazine. If you look hard enough he’s wearing an XL Oasis Tee.

Sunny Day Real Estate’s debut album blew my mind and changed the way I thought about music. In 1998 I saw them at the Florida Theater in Gainesville, Florida. By that time they had evolved from an indie rock band into an emo band. Seeing fans crying with their back to the stage was beyond weird. Their sound did evolve over time, but nothing can ever take away from their first two albums. (insert mind blown emoji)

Here’s a link to raw footage of their 120 minutes performance. Thrasher tee shirt and all. 12:45 is where the song Seven lives.

As you’ll learn in Episode 2 Moz didn’t really tour during this era, so I haven’t been able to locate any live footage of the performance when it was hitting in it’s prime.


Here is Ezra meeting Moz for the first time and realizing he is taller than him.

Kim Gordon performing on David Letterman while pregnant with a John Starks jersey is the Mona Lisa of indie cool. Below is their music video for the song with of course Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill / Riot Girl fame.

Here is Marcy May performing “My Curse” live. Pre-Internet and YouTube I had no idea what she looked like. They never made a video for this song. Below is Greg Dulli performing it live in San Diego in 1994. Rumor was if Dulli would get too drunk before performing this song he would cry while singing it on stage because it was so emotional for him. I’d like to believe that’s true, because that visual is so strong.


Ben Colen post record store employment and not liking basketball days. Remember don’t mention Rondo in a Lakers jersey to this guy.

I know this episode is about music that came out in 93/94, but it’s also about life pre-internet. And the 1994 album Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, lead me to the 1992 album Slanted and Enchanted. One of my top 5 favorite albums of all time. I don’t know how to play a guitar, but if I ever learned this would be the song I’d like to learn how to play and sing.

I don’t know Lou Barlow from Adam, but I’d imagine he’s opinionated. From Dinosaur Jr., to Sebadoh, and then Folk Implosion fame. He is definitely cool, but also maybe a jerk.


This is Kristine’s 2018 fantasy team. Lillard shows her Trailblazer loyalty, but Lowry and EP too? Although Payton could be a triple double poor man’s Rondo. Jabari’s defense SUCKS!

Fan analysis of this song indicates that this is another song about heartache. The singer lends his car to his girlfriend to go and see about another guy. Go explore and I don’t want to know about what you discover. At best I’ll be asleep when you get back and we won’t have to talk about it.

I wasn’t able to find any YouTube footage of Lost Surfboards video - “On The Road”…with Spike. Nor was I able to find a DVD re-release, probably because they didn’t have any music usage rights and the music in that video was amazing.

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